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New EP -- TransfORmed

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Ping Pong Song featuring MC Frontalot

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Just Forget It

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Ford vs. Chevy

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Fuzzy Dice

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Embracing the reassuring pulse of the matrix, Optimus Rhyme prepares for the next 100 years on planet Earth

AutoBeat Update

Wheelie H. Cyberman

Conveyor Belt Wordsmith Wheelie H. Cyberman encountered Stenobot in a secluded section of ultra-upper class Cyphertron, and recruited engineer extraordinaire Tron Juan to produce a new album under the moniker Supercommuter. They now have two albums, each available along with T-Shirts and hoodies here at their official website:


All profits from the sale of this CD and merchandise go to Child's Play, an incredibly awesome charity that brings together gamers to donate toys, games, books, and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world.

Supercommuter on Facebook:



Kicks & crashes composer Grimrock hit hyper drive and enjoyed the pleasures of deep space before blessing Seattle rockers Safer with his metromaniacal input. Ever prolific, Grimrock and Safer have a new album set to drop in June, with a CD release party at Mars Bar in Seattle. Hear it here:



Bass Theorist Stumblebee has hacked into the data center of the Queen herself, and virtually colocated himself in the heart of the information infiniway. The cerebral cels pulse with potency, while the fingers still move across the simple stretched strings of Earth instruments. Under the alter ego LEIGH3, Stumblebee rants and raves of twist-top wine and gingerbread men. Enjoy it here:



Axe Manipulation Specialist Powerthighs purged his homeworld datacenter, using the defragmented segments to fuel dozens of melodic initiatives based on fractal harmonics. The result is instant fame in the Z79 solar system, and a lucrative contract with Group E records. Expect much more from Powerthighs as the leader of a newly formed thinktank, the name of which is highly classified.

The year was 2000. The Wackacons had invaded the Emerald City. Parties grew listless and nightclubs suffered greatly under the Wackacons' ever-growing influence. Repetitive loop manufacturers, lackluster DJs and angst-filled metal pushers aligned with the Wackacons and quickly flourished in our once-great city.

It was later that year when fate brought four independently minded Autobeat technicians together. Instantly, their positronic brainpaths fused. Within weeks, laid-back progressive hiphop beats were mixed with brutally brain-teasing rhymes.

It is the primary Objective of Optimus Rhyme to rid the world of Wackacon oppressors. The individual components consist of:


Conveyor Belt Poet

Bass Theorist

Axe Manipulation Specialist

Kicks cracks and crashes

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Taking the first step toward local unification, Optimus Rhyme rises from Cyphertron’s junk depot and feels the reassuring pulse of the Matrix.

Optimus Rhyme - School the Indy Rockers

Optimus Rhyme Ping Pong Rating Board

1. Grimrock
2. Wheelie
3. Powerthighs
4. Stumblebee
5. Risky T
6. Brobot

Official ORPPRB rankings reflect official sanctioned play.

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